What I Love About Being a Photographer

It was right after we got married in 2014 that I realised I wanted to be a photographer. I remember being on our luxurious honeymoon in Fiji seeing two pictures posted by our photographer on Facebook and absolutely squealing with excitement! I loved them. I loved how they captured so perfectly that special day in our lives that meant so much to us. Those pictures are so precious to me. Being able to create that exquisite elation of looking through your lovely and I knew that’s the feeling I wanted to bring to others.


These are the first two pictures we saw on Facebook while on honeymoon. We loved them!  Images by Kim Wheeler

These are the first two pictures we saw on Facebook while on honeymoon. We loved them!

Images by Kim Wheeler

When we got back from our honeymoon it was only a few short days before all of our photos were ready. I poured over them. Seriously, I must have looked at them all at least a dozen times in one day!


Your wedding photos really help to capture your day in a way your memory can’t. They record special details that would be forgotten if you didn’t have them. So much time, effort and love goes into a wedding. What a waste it would be not to record it!


Don’t think that these special moments that are worthy of investment are limited to just your wedding day. There are so many milestones in people's lives that should be celebrated and captured.


I wish I had had engagement photos taken. They capture a more relaxed and private side to a couple's love. Being engaged is such a fleeting time in your life! I wish I had captured that fluttery butterfly love we had when were right about to get married.


Family photos are so fun. How often when you go to get a shot of your family you look back later and wish you were in the picture too? Having a family photography session is such an awesome thing to do. It captures your whole family together in a stage of life that will soon be gone. Kids grow up so quickly! Don’t forget to get photos of them so that you can remember the beautiful little people they have been.


What I love about being a photographer is being the person to help capture those treasured moments. I love bringing that elated feeling to others and creating those beautiful unique images that is super meaningful to you!


Have you ever had a professional photographer take your picture? Did you love your photos?